I started the business in 2001 with close to 80% of my customers being AMG customers, which I met through friends and my personal life and background in the world of cars and car racing. With immediate pressure from my customers to get that little bit more out of there AMG vehicles.

I set out to partner up with the best tuning company in the performance and tuning world EVOTECH Motorsports. With several trips to and from Germany and the UAE, the links were made. From then on we have continuously enjoyed the reaction on the customers face after there pride and joy has had that special touch.

With more breakthroughs than any other tuning company Australia wide, when it comes to AMG vehicles, International Autohaus founded the first and most talked about “forum based” break through ever, with the introduction of “throttle blip on down changes and diff gear ratio change” to the all time great CLK black series, ML63 and W211 E63 vehicles.

To have your vehicle professionally tuned contact Allen on (02) 9313 8060.

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